Borough of
New Bethlehem

210 Lafayette Street
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
Phone: (814) 275-2003
Fax: (814) 275-4269
[email protected]

Borough Goals & Objectives


  • Promote, support and retain businesses in New Bethlehem
  • Improve job opportunities throughout the community
  • Identify and market New Bethlehem’s assets
    • work w/ Chamber, Trail, Redbank Ren & other community organizations
  • Work toward a fiscally sound Borough organization while avoiding unnecessary tax increases
  • Monitor employee performance
  • Enforce collection of taxes, fees and solid waste bills
  • Promote use of automatic bill pay for solid waste
  • Update reserve schedule for equipment, buildings and vehicles
  • Monitor finances and work with accounting and insurance professionals
  • Negotiate contracts (Comcast, Lighting, Utilities, etc.)
  • Maintain vehicle fleet and equipment
  • Begin budget work in August
  • Promote and support events that showcase the community
    • work w/ Chamber & other community organizations
  • Work to increase the number of owner occupied homes
  • Lobby and seek state and county assistance to deal with blight
  • Lobby state to increase prevailing wage threshold above 1967 level to lower contract costs
  • Seek and apply for grants as available
  • Continue work on updating ordinances and zoning


  • Continue work to eliminate drug trafficking
  • Improve police visibility and effectiveness
  • Develop standards for public safety services
  • Improve traffic safety, replace signs and reduce congestion
  • Maintain streets, plan for maintenance and repaving
  • Improve proactive code enforcement efforts including sidewalk repairs
  • Work to promote a safe community environment
  • Lobby state to allow radar use by local police to control speeding
  • Coordinate law enforcement with local communities
  • Be prepared to deal with accidents, natural and man-made disasters
  • Work with engineer, insurance, police on damaged traffic, light poles and signs
  • Coordinate with gas line and other utility replacements


  • Improve gateways to the borough
  • Improve signage and promote wayfinding
  • Improve proactive code enforcement
  • Improve building and grounds maintenance throughout the community
  • Improve the appearance of the cemetery
    • Fundraise for stone repair and resetting
  • Improve the image of the borough
  • Improve customer service


  • Begin work on Decennial census
  • Update County Emergency Management Plan
  • Review and comment on proposed County legislation
  • Take required classes and tests (FEMA/PEMA)
  • Review and comment on Penn Dot plans and actions


  • Enhance communication with public, organizations and businesses
  • Respond promptly to citizen requests
  • Promote, coordinate, and support events that showcase the community
    • work w/ Chamber & other community organizations
  • Measure and improve citizen satisfaction
  • Sponsor opportunities for public participation
  • Update and digitize records
  • Maintain communication with local municipalities, County, State and Federal Representatives

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