New Bethlehem Police Department will continue to provide police services to New Bethlehem, East Brady, Rimersburg and Hawthorn Boroughs in Clarion County in 2019.

As of midnight on December 31, 2018, and until agreements are approved with the following municipalities, New Bethlehem Borough Police Department regrets to inform the public that residents, businesses, crime and accident victims in the following municipalities will have to rely upon 9-1-1 and the Pennsylvania State Police to respond to emergencies and incidents:

In Armstrong County – South Bethlehem Borough, Mahoning Township, Redbank Township (including Oak Ridge).  PSP number is 724-543-2011, Emergencies 9-1-1

In Clarion County –   Sligo Borough, Redbank Township (including Fairmount City and the County Fair Grounds).   PSP number is 814-226-1710, Emergencies 9-1-1

New Bethlehem Borough and its Police Department would like to continue to provide and expand services in boroughs and townships in Northern Armstrong County and Southern Clarion County, but cannot do so without signed agreements from each municipality. Equipment, training and personnel costs must be covered by the municipalities who receive the services, but together there can be cost savings for all municipalities and a good response time by professional and dedicated officers. New Bethlehem Borough Council and the Police Department believe that regional coverage benefits all area residents and businesses.  Signed agreements with area municipalities would allow the hiring of additional full time officers. Coverage could be 24/7, including ordinance enforcement as requested and agreed upon, with officers who had familiarity with each area covered.  The Department’s future plans include addition of a cross trained canine officer for drug offenses and tracking of lost individuals, addition of more full time and part time officers, and updated equipment, all as funding permits, whether through donations or agreements.

Past average 9-1-1 call volume for those jurisdictions who have not renewed service agreements, not including ordinances or calls that did not go through 9-1-1, are as follows:

Years         Average/year          2018 thru Nov.

Mahoning Township                               2011-2017       140.4                          201

Redbank Township (Armstrong Co.)  2016-2017          66                               53

Redbank Township (Clarion Co.)        2016-2017         259                            339

Sligo                                                           2011-2017        168.6                          132

South Bethlehem                                     2008-2017         90.7                             94

For questions, please contact your municipality or New Bethlehem Police Department at 814-275-1180, or [email protected].